G.R. No. 160352 Republic v. Kawashima July 23, 2008


On January 24, 2000, KFWU filed with DOLE Regional Office No. IV, a Petition for Certification Election to be conducted in the bargaining unit composed of 145 rank-and-file employees of respondent.

Respondent filed a Motion to Dismiss the petition on the ground that KFWU did not acquire any legal personality because its membership of mixed rank-and-file and supervisory employees violated Article 245 of the Labor Code.

In an Order dated May 17, 2000, Med-Arbiter Bactin found KFWU’s legal personality defective and dismissed its petition for certification election.

The DOLE held that Med-Arbiter Bactin’s decision was misplaced, for while Article 245 declares supervisory employees ineligible for membership in a labor organization for rank-and-file employees, the provision did not state the effect of such prohibited membership on the legitimacy of the labor organization and its right to file for certification election. Neither was such mixed membership a ground for cancellation of its registration.


Whether or not a mixed membership of rank-and-file and supervisory employees in a union is a ground for the dismissal of a petition for certification election.


No. As enunciated in Tagaytay Highlands Int’l. Golf Club, Inc. v. Tagaytay Highlands Employees Union-PGTWO, after a labor organization has been registered, it may exercise all the rights and privileges of a legitimate labor organization. Any mingling between supervisory and rank-and-file employees in its membership cannot affect its legitimacy for that is not among the grounds for cancellation of its registration, unless such mingling was brought about by misrepresentation, false statement or fraud under Article 239 of the Labor Code.


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